Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dispatch From Leeds

Hi all,

Having a wonderful time and wish you were all here with me. Still no wallet or purse, but I haven't entirely given up, although if an honest person found it, I think it would have been turned in by now. I have no credit cards, but if I live frugally for the next week, I should be able to make it with the money that was not in the wallet/purse.

Today I went to church and heard Doorman-Priest preach, and a fine job he did of it. I wanted to applaud at the end, but I refrained, although he slipped and made a rather unkind reference to fundamentalists from the southern US. I've forgiven him.

I spent the day en famille with DP and his lovely wife and daughters. I'll write more later.

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful day on the moors with MadPriest and Mrs. MadPriest. We came close to missing each other, but we finally connected. Mrs MadPriest is a beautiful lady, and it was a pleasure to spend time with them and the three collies, although MadPriest's dog with a Greek name which I've forgotten, didn't seem to like me. I suppose MP had her trained against me. I'll tell you more about the day on the Moors later, too.

I am exhausted! The English folks are killing me with kindness.

I'll write again, and thanks for the prayers for the return of the wallet/purse.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Missing credit cards are easily replaced...sometimes they´ll DHL them to you, and once to me, at the place of your sense being ¨economical¨ when the UK is filled with bargains (at least that´s what they say on CNN International)...England is really feeling the old cruncho...I was in Florida last week...huge savings at stores (some places 70% off on already markdown merchandise)...Harvey Nicols, is reporting 40% losses in income (I´ll betcha you can find a ganga or two there or maybe even Herod´s/Knightsbridge)...anyway, there is so much to do and see that is free and you are blessed to be welcomed by so many ENJOYABLE folks.


Best to you,


Ann said...

Hope you find your wallet -- but good you have such hospitality. Thanks for writing -- enjoy the rest of your time in Leeds, etc.

motheramelia said...

What a nice way to be exhausted. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you Grandmere. Blessings on the rest of your journey!

--it's margaret

doug said...

Mimi..I'm glad you're havin such a grand time with such nice folks.

As leonardo mentioned your credit card flks will only be too happy to make sure you get immediate replacements for their cards! IF you had an AmEx, youi can ofent get an immediate replacement card at any local office.

Continue to have a great time.

Jane R said...

Also American Express offices can help you with non-AmEx stuff.

Great to hear updates. Sorry about the wallet! I'm with Leonardo. You need a way to grab those bargains.

FranIAm said...

St. Anthony St. Anthony please come around, there is something that's been lost and must be found!

IT said...

Why has Maddy not posted anytihng on OCICBW?

Were you each shocked at the other one?

Oh, dear, Gran'mere, I hope that putting flesh on each other's posts was not a disappointment for either of you!

Ann said...

Clumber comment.

susan s. said...

Thanks for the news.

Sorry about the wallet.
I lost mine the first time I went to England
and got it back 2 weeks later.

JCF said...

Why has Maddy not posted anytihng on OCICBW?

And you thought Mimi's Voodoo powers weren't real, IT? ;-)