Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm Home!

Thanks be to God, I'm safe at home. Once again, I am a zombie. Tomorrow, I will open up Wounded Bird. Mimi


All is done here --- Go to Wounded Bird to follow the adventures of Grandmere. Comments and blog closed today! Ann

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grandmere flying home

Fly back to the nest!! Mimi is headed home.

Good News

Yesterday we had a "fans of June" gathering in Leeds. There were a number of folk who would have liked to have come but distance made it impractical. However a group of eight met and June was delighted. We had lunch together and those who could stay on went for a curry in the evening: after all, you can't come to Leeds and not take advantage of Asian cuisine. Saintly Ramblings, Themethatisme, Goran (ALL THE WAY FROM STOCKHOLM) and Erika, together with various blogging widows were in attendance. This morning June went to choral Eucharist at Leeds Parish church and Goran came to St. Luke's where he was pressed into action to do the readings.

The D.P. clan said our goodbye's to June after lunch today and then this afternoon June rang.

Her purse has turned up!

She answered a knock on her hotel room door to be greeted by a man who introduced himself as a taxi driver. He had been cleaning out the cab and had found the purse (wallet) under one of the seats. All the cash was intact. She now plans a little spending spree at Manchester Airport's duty free.

"What a way to finish the trip!" she said.


So, safe journey June and bon voyage.

She flies a little before midday local time and has her train times sorted and a taxi booked.

Please pray for an uneventful and straightforward journey.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sad news

Over at OCICBW, Maddie reports that Ian, beloved of Lisa, is gone after a long illness. He has closed comments. I know all of us send our love and deepest sympathies to Lisa.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dispatch From Headingley Library

Yesterday was a long day, with lots of walking in cold weather and wind in York, a good day, but tiring. I was in town long enough to stay for Evensong at York Minster. The girls' and men's choirs sang. It was gorgeous!

I have decided that I am a church lady, but not the kind of church lady that goes around scolding people. I just love churches. I lit a candle for MadPriest's job search in a Roman Catholic church very near the Minster, St Wilfrid's. Roman Catholic candles are the most efficacious, don't you think?

Mrs DP and I had a lovely time together today at Saltaire. DP and his wife must be two of the kindest people in all England. They have been family for me while I've been here. We saw that church in the picture that DP posted below, but it was not open for us to go in.

Mrs DP told me a few secrets about her beloved, but, of course, it was all in confidence and nothing to be published here. He should encourage her to do the occasional guest post on his blog. She already has the subject for one post.

As busy as my time here has been, I've found my travels refreshing, despite catching a nasty English cold (which are the very worst kind!). Fortunately, the cold didn't slow me down, and I'm over the worst of it. I needed to get away from my other life for a bit and worry about new and different problems like finding the right platform for the train I want to catch.

Love and blessings,


If it's must be Saltaire

Today June and Mrs. D.P. hit a historic site near to Bradford. It is the village Sir Titus Salt built for his mill workers. Sir Titus was a philanthropist and his village was forward looking in the Industrial Revolution. He was also a leading light in the Victorian temprance movement and so there was no pub!

It is a World Heritage Site and is worth a google search.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Dispatch

Hi all,

Just taking a minute to report in. I have a new credit card, so all is well with the finances. I'm heading right to the train station from here, the library, where I get 1 hour free computer time, to go to York to visit the Minster and poke around there.

On the coach trip with the biddies yesterday, we passed breathtakingly beautiful countryside, through dales and moors. Whitby is a wonderful small fishing town and St. Hilda's is lovely.

I sat on the pier and wept a little, because Grandpère was not with me, and because the place was so beautiful. He would have adored Whitby. He's never known a fishing town or village that he didn't like. I sat on a bench on the pier and watched the waves roll in, which was soothing and healing. I'm getting all weepy and sentimental about places. I wept when I left the Yorkshire Moors with MadPriest and Mrs MadPriest. Image what MP thought of a weepy woman in the back of his car!

Madpriest said he would not write about our day, that he would leave it to me.

I finally talked to GP last night for the first time since I'm here! I feel much better after that call. We kept missing each other.

Thanks for all your prayers and concern about my misadventure with the wallet/purse.