Monday, March 23, 2009

Caption Contest

The Meeting
Mimi and MP meeting on the moors. See note from Mrs. Mad Priest in an earlier post's comments.


Doorman-Priest said...

M.P. has been very quiet about it.

motheramelia said...

Are those yellow lights in the photo MP's eyes? I think I see Mimi's shadow to the right of the cloud.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Oh more practicing for the annual Nigeria Synod? Bishop Pete will be glad...and so much smoke with no fire...a Nigerian Anglican specialty.

Ann said...

Here is what MP said at Acts of Hope:
can report that although Mimi hasn't found her purse, she is able to collect new credit cards from the credit card company today. She also had the foresight to carry travelers' cheques with her (not in her purse) and was able to survive over the weekend on them.

I can also report that when you first meet her she starts talking and when you leave her she stops talking. The amount of time between meeting and leaving doesn't seem to make any difference to this.

Anonymous said...

"During a walkabout on the moors, MP mentions the ABofC and grandmere interrupts an otherwise fine day, expressing for the first time her true feelings on the subject."


Anonymous said...

Mimi must have brought along a huge portion of her rice and beans specialty for all to enjoy!

I've been reading too much +Clumber! Bad Dog!!!

Ann said...

Scott -- you win!!

Anonymous said...


Erp said...

The proton and the anti-proton met.

We could try for a limerick competition. I'm not much good (nor did I spend much time on it) but

There was a mad priest of dark Yorkshire.
A belle of Dixie he did sought her.
no rest for the wicked,
flames certainly lick it
The bellephobic mad priest of Yorkshire.

(my apologies to any unintended offense to anyone)

Saintly Ramblings said...

I could suggest that MP and Mimi's trip went off with a bang ... but I won't.

themethatisme said...

'M.P. has been very quiet about it.'...such is the nature of the confessional.

susankay said...

OK, now that we got rid of the Ring, which one of us is Frodo and which one is Sam?